June 14, 2019

Breakfast at North Man

Current situation: Sat in my lil office looking out the window at this super wet and cloudy day, dreaming about the morning I got to go make some work for North Man Coffee in Bridlington, Yorkshire. Maaay have sampled their entire breakfast menu while I was there and it did not disappoint.

A pink door, the best coffee, tasty bakes and an incredible breakfast menu – and it’s all vegetarian too! Morning shoots like this one make me feel super lucky.

We kicked off the day with an early start when we headed to North Man last month. The morning involved multiple big breakfasts, a lot of coffee and some gorgeous light – it felt like Spring had truly arrived. I wish wish wish this little shop was on my doorstep, you seriously wouldn’t be able to keep me outta there.

North Man don’t just do day time food, either. Last year they launched North Man: After Hours. More food, more coffee – plus alcohol! We’ve been invited back to photograph the evening service, and I can’t wait to leave another 10lbs heavier from all the deliciousness!

A few select photos above. Breakfast wise, I highly, highly recommend the Cinnamon French Toast with Coffee Cream. We’ll be going back for seconds for sure!


– Charlotte