June 19, 2019

Colorado, USA: May ’19

Two weeks away with my favourite people. Visiting family, comiendo mexicano, and exploring the mountains. A select few snaps!

It’s been a busy couple of years for us as a family, and with us flat out working and seemingly doing constant house renovations – we haven’t managed to factor a getaway in! This year we promised ourselves we’d go somewhere, and we managed to head to Colorado in May for a FULL FORTNIGHT. Amazing.

It was actually JP’s first time on a plane, and I massively expected him to have a take-off meltdown. He literally didn’t bat an eyelid. I, on the other hand, had to close my eyes and hold my breath for the first hour or so of the 9 hour flight. And grab Dave every time the turbulence hit. Sorry Dave!

I love Colorado. I love the culture, I love the food, I love the weather, I love the mountains and I seriously love the parks – which is where we spent most of our time.

Other highlights included Tattered Cover Book Store where I basically spent all of my money, as well as 16th Street Mall – JP’s favourite place to buy aaallllll the sweets. Lula Rose General Store, our go-to coffee shop while we were in town was fab too (and super cool interior & exterior). Oh and the Art Museum, and the FOOD. All the good Mexican. Everything above shot on either 35mm or Digital.

PS: Why aren’t porches a thing in England?